Tiara of New York: Your One-Stop Destination for Elegant Jewelry

Tiara Jewelry Store Nanuet, NY is host to a comprehensive list of new and exciting jewelry products. We, at Tiara Jewelers, firmly believe that client satisfaction is the key for our continuous success. For this reason, Tiara Jewelers Rockland, NY offer clients a vast range of delicately crafted jewelry in an array of styles at competitive prices.

Whether you are in search of a subtle charm bracelet, an exquisite engagement ring, unique bridal ring or a fine wedding band, Tiara Jewelry Store Rockland, NY is your one-stop provider of all refined jewelry. We are a licensed retailer of the stylish Pandora jewelry range, which proves to be one of our most popular product lines. The Pandora range at jewelers Nanuet, NY includes a variety of necklaces and charm bracelets, and is designed and crafted from materials such as 14-carat gold, enamel and pure glass in a variety of styles, shapes and themes. There is sure to be a style suited just for you at Tiara Jewelers Rockland, NY. With the recent expansion which includes a build-your-own range of charm jewelry, watches and earrings, the stylish Pandora line has become even more affordable. By owning one of these items, you can be sure to know you own a true collector’s item.

Here at Tiara Jewelers we understand that the decision to buy your loved one an engagement ring is a very special moment for both the bride- and groom-to-be. The ring has to be meaningful, special and plainly speaking, just perfect. At Tiara, we have an array of distinctive jewelry Nanuet, NY and engagement ring options, which are sure to meet your extreme expectations. When the Big Day draws near, we also have a range of different styles of bridal rings and wedding bands to choose from to add that bit of additional glamour. If you prefer a more eco-friendly option, Tiara Jewelry Store Rockland, NY also offers the prestigious Alex & Ani range of jewelry or, if you are a firm believer in the more traditional, we stock a range of classic diamond engagement rings from a host of well-known designers.

Of course, it is important to have your engagement rings correctly sized, and for that purpose, Tiara Jewelry Store Nanuet, NY employs our own on-site jewelry experts who can resize or repair your special ring on the spot.

We, at Tiara Jewelers Rockland, NY, aim to host a wide range of fine jewelry to fit the individual needs of every client perfectly. But you don’t have to believe everything you read, so why not find out for yourself? Visit Tiara Jewelry Nanuet, NY store today and experience our unique quality for yourself.


Return to School in Style

For adults and children alike, September is the traditional time for back-to-school, whether it’s high school or university. What better method of acknowledging the dedication and effort of the students in your life than with a fashionable and beautiful gift of jewelry?

At Tiara Jewelers in Nanuet, we carry many unique and elegant items geared for almost all ages and styles. From wristwatches to earrings or a pendant necklace, we can help you find the perfect choice. For the ecologically minded, we carry Alex & Ani, as well as Pandora and many others for the young sophisticate in your life. Visit us right away-we know you’ll find the perfect back-to-school present.

Come see our brand new Nanuet Jewelry showroom, conveniently located in the new Shops at Nanuet.   You’ll see for yourself why we’re the premier choice for Rockland County jewelry shoppers.

Tiara Jewelers: Exclusive Engagement and Wedding Rings

Our rings are perfect examples of how a small piece of jewelry can appear gorgeous. Anyone planning to get engagement or wedding rings should consider our rings because we are the best jewelers Nanuet, NY. To find that perfect jewelry for your fiancée, Tiara jewelers Nanuet, NY are the best professionals to get in touch with. We are not only the top in Nanuet but also the most popular jewelers Rockland, NY.

Our engagement and wedding rings are unique and come in exquisite designs. For people who want to stand out in a crowd with exclusive designs, they should choose our rings. No matter a person’s expectation, they will be superseded by the impeccable quality of engagement rings provided by Tiara Jewelers Nanuet, NY.

Tiara jewelry Nanuet, NY wedding rings are designed with upmost high quality precious stones with exceptional styles. The most important thing one should consider about these rings is that we focus more on quality than on quantity. Instead of offering the largest pieces of diamonds, we focus on getting the most perfect, brilliant and precise cut which has enabled our rings to be completely unique and stylish.  Tiara jewelry store Nanuet, NY, offers the most beautiful and unique wedding bands that love birds can buy to make their day special.

Tiara jewelry Rockland, NY is desirable because we provide a wide variety of engagement and wedding rings to customers all over New York.  We offer different types of rings in different designs that fit anyone taste. Tiara rings are handled by gifted and experienced jewelers who come up with amazing designs. It has become a reality to easily find rings in one preferred style and design at Tiara’s. You find classy as well as modern and elite designs in our stores such as Tiara jewelry store Rockland, NY.

Tiara Jewelers is a titan in jewelry designing business.  People who are looking for nothing but top notch wedding bands should get in touch with us. We have become a household name because we offer breathtaking engagement and wedding rings that give a feel of luxury. We are often quoted by many as the best dealers in exquisite rings in New York because we take time making our jewelry makes sure they are crafted with passion. The beautiful designs of rings have become a hallmark of our design sense. If you are in Rockland, you can visit our Tiara jewelry store Rockland, NY and if you are in Nanuet visit our Tiara jewelry store Nanuet, NY to find the perfect wedding bands. Our engagement and wedding rings are durable as well as sophisticated and grab attention whenever you put them on.

Tiara Jewelers Jewelry Store Rockland, NY

Sourcing quality jewelry at pocket friendly rates can be quite a demanding task. When it comes to jewelry everyone’s mind snaps to pricey pieces that are mostly out of normal people’s price range. Tiara jewelers are a local jewelry rockland, ny seller who offer a wide variety of affordable jewelry items. These include men’s and women’s watches, bridal and engagement rings and wedding bands – rockland ny and nanuet ny and necklaces among others. Other services provided include fixing broken jewelry pieces as well as buying old jewelry that owners no longer want.

We offer to value old jewelry items and where the owner no longer desires these items we offer to happily take them off their hands at a reasonable price. We buy old jewelry from willing jewelry nanuet, ny customers to provide more room in your jewelry box for newer and trendier items.  We understand that some people may have in their possession jewelry items they wish to dispose of so as to acquire latest designs in the jewelry fashion.

At Tiara Jewelers we understand that our jewelry nanuet, ny customers may have broken jewelry items in their possession they wish to restore. We offer specialized repair services to restore these items and have you wearing them as accessories as soon as possible. Our resident jewelry repair specialist offers seasoned experience in this field.

Our jewelry store is conveniently located to provide high quality jewelry items to local shoppers. You no longer have to go out of your way in search of a jewelry store nanuet, ny as we stock a variety of popular brands even when it comes to attractive men’s watches and jewelry as well. We offer a local solution for all your accessorizing needs in Nanuet. High quality gold, silver and platinum items decorated with precious and semi-precious stones can all be found at our jewelry store nanuet, ny.

Luxury Brands Available at our Jewelry Store Nanuet, NY


This brand has emerged as one of today’s most popular jewelry brands. Available in over 30 countries worldwide, Tiara Jewelers is proud to bring you this Danish brand right at your doorstep at our jewelry store nanuet, ny. Enjoy the amazing craftsmanship and genuine materials that are the hallmark of this renowned jewelry brand.


Most people find it difficult to find appropriate gifts for men, but with citizen watches this can be easily sorted. The world’s biggest watch maker renowned for designing and building some of the most advanced watches the world has ever seen is available at our jewelry store nanuet, ny. With the name suggesting the brand’s close relationship with the people, it closely aligns to our objective of providing quality and affordable jewelry to all people.

Jewelry store nanuet, ny is not just a local jewelry shop, but brings with it some of the most popular and high quality brands right where you are. The above named brands are just a couple of the multiple brands available from Tiara Jewelers.


Fine Jewelry for the Fashion Conscious in Nanuet

The choice in jewelry can say volumes about its owner. It can heighten and highlight a person’s appearance, and provide a distinctive accent to fashion and hair styles.  On the other hand, the wrong  jewelry type can negatively affect your appearance by drawing unnecessary attention to minor flaws, and appear unsuitable to the person’s appearance, style, and  body structure. Since fine jewelry can represent a significant investment, these are all considerations to be weighed when selecting jewelry for oneself or gifts for others.

At Tiara Jewelry Store in Nanuet , we will never let you make a poor purchase simply to make a sale. Our experienced and professional staff will assist you in making the right jewelry choice for your life and style, and you can relax knowing that you’ve made a wise purchase. With many different jewelry manufacturers and  fashion styles to choose from, we have something for everyone!

One of our most popular designers in our Nanuet and Jewelry store is Alex & Ani. Come to our showroom today and see the phenomenal selection we have to offer of fine Alex and Ani selections.

Bridal and Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands – Rockland NY and Nanuet NY

Searching for jewelry store Rockland, NY? Tiara Jewelers is an unparalleled jewelry store with a wide selection of jewelries you will love. The store is characterized by the finest jewelries made of precious stones. It has jewelries of all sorts to suit your needs. For instance, if you want an exquisite bridal or engagement ring in New York, the store will offer a great deal to you.

Tiara Jewelers is a renowned jewelry store Nanuet, NY with a comprehensive range of jewelries. The store has been selling jewelries for many years, and it has gained a strong reputation in New York. Many couples have relied on Tiara Jewelers for their diamond engagement rings. Not only do these engagement rings look beautiful on brides and bridegrooms, but they are also durable because the store only specializes with jewelry Nanuet, NY of high quality.

Bridal jewelry Rockland, NY has so much value because Tiara Jewelers deals with jewelries of superior quality. A wedding with these jewelries is worth-having and worth-remembering. Couples get to choose the designs, sizes, and colors of these elegant bridal rings. Customized bridal rings can also be found. Tiara Jewelers has over 30 years of experience in jewelries. This puts the store in a good position to provide custom designed jewelry products.

Why choose Tiara Jewels Rockland, NY?

With so many years of experience, Tiara Jewelers assures customers that they will have gorgeous and quality jewelries they never found anywhere in the NY. Tiara Jewelers is a family-owned business has been dedicated to selling jewelries of top-notch quality to its customers. Bridal, engagement rings, and wedding bands are all found at this store at affordable prices.

All the popular brand names of jewelries are found at Tiara Jewelry store Rockland, NY. Moreover, the store is also dedicated to helping owners of pre-loved popular brands to bring them on board at reasonable prices. If you have outgrown your precious jewelry, contact Tiara Jewels for the best price of your item. Silver and stainless pieces are all needed and found at this store.

Tiara Jewelers Nanuet, NY keeps on expanding its product lines. The store is certainly the best in NY with a broad range of products. When incredible and stunning jewelries are introduced into the market, the store makes a collection. It has superior products on the market. It, therefore, prides itself as the preferred and unmatched provider of jewelries in NY.

Tiara Jewelers Rockland, NY also focuses on repairs. If you have a watch or any other jewelry that needs repair, know that the store can perfectly do that for you. It has a jeweler with over 30 years of experience in jewelries. The jeweler can repair any watch.

Rockland’s Engagement Ring Experts

Looking for an engagement ring but can’t find the perfect one for your perfect girl? Look no further than Tiara Jewelers in Nanuet! We know hunting for an engagement ring can be stressful, since the pressure is on to make a good choice. That’s why we carry an eclectic selection of engagement rings in both traditional and alternative metals, with a wide variety of stones. Let us take the worry out of shopping for that magical moment by presenting you with options carefully tailored to your tastes, style, and budget, whether you are interested in stainless steel and wood or gold and diamonds.

Failing that, Tiara Jewelers, Rockland’s premier jewelry store, enables you to select the perfect engagement ring, down to every last facet, by designing it yourself, with the help of our expert jeweler. Perhaps you see a band you like but want it engraved with a special memory between you and your loved ones, or maybe you know how you want the engagement ring to look but can’t find one exactly like it. That’s where we step in. Tiara Jewelers in absolutely committed to finding or helping customize the perfect engagement ring for that once-in-a-lifetime moment. Tiara Jewelers is the jewelry store in Rockland County devoted to helping you purchase unique and stunning engagement rings from all ends of the style and price spectrum.

Sell Your Unwanted Jewlery with Tiara Jewelers

We’ve all owned jewelry we didn’t like. Let’s face it; that brooch from your mother-in-law or tacky necklace from an ex-boyfriend isn’t doing you any favors by sitting in the back of your jewelry box collecting dust-until now. At Tiara Jewelers, located in Nanuet, you can sell your unwanted gold and silver jewelry without ever having to leave Rockland County. We offer competitive pricing and fair dealings, allowing you to capitalize on the sky-high prices of gold and silver while making some extra space in your jewelry collection.

To trade in or sell your jewelry, simply bring in the pieces you wish to exchange, and our resident jeweler will evaluate them using a variety of tools, such as a jewelers loupe, scale, testing acids, and more. Upon evaluation of your jewelry, the jeweler will offer you a price based on that day’s market rate for gold or silver, and explain the value of your piece to you. It’s as easy as that!

Find out why Rockland County’s Jewelry aficionados choose Tiara Jewelers every time.

Watches – Jewelry With a Function

Watches, whether men’s or women’s, are more than just utilitarian timepieces – they are accessories and fashion statements. We at Tiara Jewelers in Nanuet believe that watches should be beautiful accompaniments, with form and function holding equal footing, To that end, we carry only the finest choices of mid-to-upscale watches. Among others, our lines include Bulova, Philip Stein, Ebel, Citizen, and more. Our men’s and women’s watches are quality pieces designed to be treasured for a lifetime.

With that said, should a watch break or fail, or should you wish to restore your grandfather’s pocket watch, Tiara Jewelers is very skilled in watch repair. Our on-site Jeweler has over 30 years of experience and will handle your valued pieces with the utmost care and skill. No more burying that favorite timepiece in the back of your jewelry box-Tiara Jewelers, Rockland’s premier jeweler, can have it up and running in no time!

Come see our new location at the Shops at Nanuet, and see for yourself why our customers consider us the one-stop jewelry store for Nanuet.

Tiara Jewelers Brings Pandora to Nanuet

Pandora Jewelry is quickly establishing itself as a company with staying power in the highly changeable world of modern jewelry trends. Beginning with an upscale take on the classic charm bracelet, Pandora has morphed into a strong player in the fields of necklaces, rings, earrings, and more. While their prices remain well within a casual range, their new jewelry lines are anything but. Pandora rings are an accessible, easy-to-wear selection of silver and gold bands set with semi-precious or precious stones, while their necklaces tend toward casual-wear accent pieces for putting the perfect touch on an outfit. Even Pandora watches are a classy take on the concept of timepiece as accessory.

The best place to shop for and purchase Pandora Jewelry in Rockland is at Tiara Jewelers in Nanuet, your neighborhood shopping stop for all up-and-coming jewelry trends, Our selection of Pandora Jewelry is carefully curated to appeal to our customers discerning tastes and cutting-edge fashion trends-we know you’ll be pleased with our selection, whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one.

Come see our brand new store in the shops at Nanuet, and see for yourself why we’re considered the premier jewelry store in Rockland County.