Enjoy Your White Christmas With Blue Topaz

The birthstone for December is the blue topaz, which is a stunning translucent blue. This color is very easy to pull off, and a variety of skin tones and colorings can make the blue topaz work well for them. At Tiara Jewelers, we think the blue topaz is an excellent look for everybody, regardless of birth month.  Whether you’d like a blue topaz to accent your class ring, or perhaps in a set of earrings, we carry many different lines of jewelry containing the blue topaz.

At Tiara Jewelers in Nanuet and Ridgewood, we know we can help you find the right jewelry to suit your style. Alternately, if you have a piece that you love but can no longer wear, we can repair it. We are the best jewelry repair center in Rockland and Bergen, and treat your pieces with the reverence they deserve while getting them back into shape again. Our on-site repair specialist has over thirty years of repair and customization under his belt, So whether you need to get a new ring resized, an old necklace put back together, or have those blue topazes set in a bracelet, Tiara Jewelers is the only place to go!

Celebrate Christmas with Tiara Jewelers

As December rolls around, you may find yourself at a loss for that perfect gift. That’s where Tiara Jewelers comes in. Our jewelry stores in Nanuet, NY and Ridgewood, NJ are the best places to find a meaningful and timeless gift for the special someone in your life.  Tiara Jewelers carries a wide selection of watches in many different lines, such as, G-Shock, Bulova and more. In addition, our Luminox watches and Inox rings made great gifts for the men in your life.

Tiara Jewelers in Nanuet and Ridgewood also offers a large array of women’s and men’s jewelry. We carry many engagement rings to appeal to every aesthetic, as well as a full line of Alex and Ani, Hot Diamonds, Ebel and more. We are also proud to announce that we carry the perennially popular Pandora line of charm jewelry, which can be customized to fit any age and style of gift recipient. Don’t let the holidays get you down. Tiara Jewelers in Nanuet is here to help with your every gift-buying need, and our friendly sales associates are more than happy to assist you!

The Beautiful November Topaz

The birthstone of November is the topaz, a beautiful gemstone that comes in many different colors, from ‘clear’ to blue to yellow and all shades in between. Throughout history, the topaz has been labeled with the power to bring calmness and serenity. Whether or not that’s true, the topaz is still a stunning addition to one’s jewelry collection. Since the topaz is so versatile, it flatters any skin tone or coloring, and matches an endless number of personal styles.

At Tiara Jewelers in Nanuet and Ridgewood, we don’t think you need to be born in November to wear the topaz. We’re confident anybody can pull of this classic and stylish gemstone, which is why we carry it in many different shades. From rings to earrings, we have a fantastically broad selection. Serving both Rockland and Bergen Counties, Tiara Jewelers has everything you could want from topazes to rubies, diamonds and more. Located in the new Shops at Nanuet, Tiara Jewelers is happy to be your jewelry store!

Tiara Jewelers Comes to the Shops at Nanuet

With our new location at the Shops at Nanuet, we at Tiara Jewelers are pleased to announce our improved website and comprehensive new list of product lines. We believe that the customer’s satisfaction comes first, and to that end we offer a wide variety of fine jewelry in all different styles and price ranges.  Whether you are looking for anything from an engagement ring to a charm bracelet, Tiara Jewelers in Nanuet and Ridgewood can help.

One of our most popular lines is Pandora. We are proud to be a licensed seller of Pandora Jewelry in Nanuet and Ridgewood. Pandora is a very stylish line of upscale charm bracelets, necklaces and more. Pandora charms range from glass, to enamel, to 14k gold and come in every different shape, theme, and style you could imagine. Recently, Pandora has branched out to carry necklaces, earrings, and watches, most of which embrace the concept of high end, build-your-own charm jewelry. Pandora is affordable and stylish, and the charms are definitely collector’s items!

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Tiara Jewelers carries (among others), the CrownRing series of wedding and engagement rings. CrownRing offers beautiful and timeless matrimonial rings in a variety of materials, from the classic to the modern. At Tiara Jewelers, we  think that a wedding ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will ever wear, and as such, it needs to be beautiful and of exceptional quality.

As you can see, we carry jewelry to suit all  personality spectrums and walks of life. If you don’t believe us, simply stop by our Nanuet and Ridgewood jewelry stores today and see for yourself!

Get an Early Start On Holiday Gift-Buying at Tiara

It may seem early, but now that fall is upon us, it is never too early to start thinking about the perfect holiday gifts. At Tiara Jewelers in Rockland and Bergen Counties, that means a beautiful necklace, bracelet, watch, or maybe even a ring. With many different product lines, each carrying wildly varying styles, we have something for even the pickiest shopper.

One line we are very proud to carry is Pandora. If you need Pandora Jewelry in Rockland or Bergen County, Tiara Jewelers is your answer. We carry a full line of charms, bracelet, necklaces and more. A charming recent addition to our store is Story, by Kranz and Zeigler, which is a whimsical selection of wrap bracelets, buttons, and more. For the younger set we have Crislu pendant necklaces. And of course we have the classic Bulova watch line for the fashion conscious male. As you can see this is just a small sampling of what we have to offer at Tiara Jewelers. Stop by at out new location at the Shops in Nanuet to see the rest of our beautiful store!

October’s Elegant Opal

The traditional birthstone of October, the opal, has long been renowned for its beauty. Opals come in many different colors but work excellently on all skin tones, and are very versatile in terms of fashion. They are generally moderately priced and are sold either lab-made or natural. Milky opals, a very common kind, are a beautiful wintry gift.

At Tiara Jewelry Store, Rockland  and Bergen Counties’ premier jewelry shop, we stock many different sorts of opals in a wide variety of settings. Whether you are into the trending vintage look or more of a classic type, our variety of opals and settings will be sure to leave you amazed. Or perhaps you have an opal or other precious or semiprecious stone that you’d like to incorporate into a setting. If so, we can help with that as well. Tiara Jewelers in Nanuet  and Ridgewood specializes in jewelry repair, and our on-site staff would be happy to help customize a gemstone with a beautiful setting for you.

Classic Timepieces that Never Go Out of Style

Watches are timeless and classic accessories that never go out of fashion. Timepieces make a perfect gift for the man or woman in your life, and a well-made watch can last for a lifetime.

Tiara Jewelry Store in Ridgewood and Nanuet carries lots of different types of watch for every type of personality. Among our stunning timepieces are Bulova watches, which are classy and perfect for anyone from the fashion-forward businessman to the recent college grad just starting out in the world. Tiara also offers Citizen watches, which are battery-free and do not include any toxic substances in the manufacturing process. Citizen watches are reasonably priced and rugged-prefect for an outdoorsy type or someone who likes casual but well-crafted accessories. Finally, Tiara Jewelry store in Nanuet and Ridgewood also sells G-Shock watches, a line of athletic digital watches featured predominately in pop culture, and an excellent beginner watch for hikers, outdoorsmen, and amateur explorers.

To some, watches may seem like an outdated jewelry accessory with the advent of cell phones and the predominance of wall clocks everywhere. However, the watch is a useful and stylish men’s jewelry piece that can class up an outfit without appearing flashy, and Tiara Jewelers carries an excellent and varied selection.

Tiara Jewelers Makes Your Engagement Even More Special

Giving an engagement ring is an extremely special moment for both the bride and the groom. Naturally, you want the ring in question to be special, meaningful, and perfect. That’s where Tiara Jewelers comes in. Located in Rockland County and Bergen County, NY, Tiara Jewelry Store has tons of different engagement options to meet your lifestyle needs. No matter your spouse’s aesthetic ideals, our many different lines of wedding jewelry will have something to please even the pickiest of brides.

For the ecologically minded and earthy-oriented, Tiara Jewelers proudly carries Alex & Ani products, while for the more traditionally-minded we offer classic engagement diamonds in a variety of settings from different designers. Tiara Jewelry store in Nanuet and Ridgewood employs trained and helpful staff to assist in the sometimes stressful process of choosing a ring for your loved one to wear. Any one of our shop members would be happy to assist you with different designs, styles, varieties and price ranges.

Sizing an engagement ring is also very important. In the event that your engagement ring does not fit properly, we have trained jewelry repair experts on our staff who can carefully repair and resize your ring to fit perfectly for eternity.   See the difference Tiara Jewelry can make.

Story by Kranz and Zeigler comes to Tiara Jewelers

Tiara Jewelers, Rockland and Bergen County’s premier jewelry store, is proud to announce that we now carry Story by Kranz and Zeigler, a European line of high quality wrap bracelets.

A wrap bracelet  is a high-quality leather bracelet complete with precious and semi-precious charms, designed to be wrapped several times around one’s wrist, creating the illusion of several bracelets. Featuring a magnetic clasp closure to keep your jewelry safe, the Story line also carries sterling silver, gold-plated, and pave charms of your choice.

Tiara Jewelers of Nanuet and Ridgewood offers this entrancing take on the classic charm bracelet at entirely affordable prices, and in all different styles. Whether you are buying this hot new item for yourself or a loved one, we can help you design something to your tastes.

The Allure of the Classic Ruby

The birthstone of July is the ruby. Rubies can range from pink to blood-red color, and come in all different shapes and sizes. Long revered throughout history, rubies were a valuable item as far away and as long ago as the Silk Road. Today, rubies are considered one of the four precious stones, and command a high value on the market for their beauty.

At Tiara Jewelers in Nanuet and Ridgewood, we carry a lovely selection of all different shades of ruby for all different budgets and price ranges. Whether you are smitten with ruby earrings, or like a simple ruby accent in a bracelet, we have something to appeal to your tastes. Rubies look good on every skin tone and are a classy and timeless accent to any outfit.

Come to either Tiara Jewelry Store in Nanuet or Ridgewood, and let us help you select a beautiful ruby to complement your personality and beauty, no matter what month you were born in.